Q: How big is the Club?

A: The Club is limited to 55 boats, and the immediate families of the owners of those boats.
Q: Who is eligible for membership?

A: The owners of sailboats who are interested in working together with Club members in maintaining the Cove and participating in Club activities, who are also willing to anchor in close proximity to other Club and guest boats are welcome to start the membership process.  The membership process is not open to the owners of powerboats.  The Club was founded as a sailing club and wishes all members develop boating skills relating to sailing.
Q: What is the membership process?

A: A sailor who wishes to investigate membership needs to find a member to first allow the sailor to visit the Cove as their guest.  If interest prevails, then the person becomes a prospective member sponsored by at least two Club members.  A person must actively participate in Club activities for a significant period as a prospective member before being considered for membership.
Q: What if I do not know any Club members?

A: We are a friendly bunch.  Come by the cove and talk to anyone and it is highly likely that you will be invited to come as a guest.  The Club is seeking people who qualify and would like to start the membership process.  Guest boats are welcome except on the Labor Day weekend, which is traditionally a very full time for the Cove.
Q: Does the club have activities that are not at the Cove?

A: During the winter, the Club has dinner meetings on the mainland about every month.  These are typically at a restaurant.