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Located on Catalina Island, California


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About us

BWCC was founded in 1945 in San Pedro by a group of families seeking adventure at Catalina Island after the seaports were reopened toward the end of WWII. Several generations later, BWCC continues to thrive as a family oriented club for boaters to share new experiences on the ocean. Since 1953, BWCC has maintained its cove, Big Geiger, at Catalina Island in a way that preserves its beauty and serenity as our founding member families did 70 odd years ago. Big Geiger is a gorgeous cove with good sand for anchoring and modest accommodations ashore for club events, camping, snorkeling and other activities. Among our most popular events going back to the early days of our club are the Treasure Hunt, Easter Egg hunt, Labor Day Luau and July 4 games. Many of our members have cruised their boats to exotic destinations including Hawaii, the Galapagos, New Zealand, Alaska—and beyond!

 Big Geiger Cove

Big Geiger Cove is located on the North West side of Catalina Island, west of the Isthmus (Two Harbors) and just around the point from Howland’s Landing.  The Cove has no moorings but is one of the best natural anchorages on the Island.  


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